Saturday 3 August 2013

The Same Deep Water As Me, Donmar Warehouse

While others were enjoying the warm summer's evening on Thursday, I was stuck in the office… Well, sort of…

I went to the Donmar Warehouse to see Nick Payne’s new play The Same Deep Water As Me. The play is set in a personal injury law firm in Luton, run by Barry (Nigel Lindsay) and Andrew (Daniel Mays). One day, Andrew’s school friend Kevin approaches the firm with his claim. It is soon revealed that Kevin is running a business of his own, scamming big corporations through small “No win, no fee” claims, and he wants Andrew to join him. Although simple at first, the plot starts to thicken when others are brought into the mix, and soon relationships, friendships and businesses all hang in the balance. Will they all come out of it unharmed?

It’s true, on first glance the storyline doesn’t seem that riveting, but it’s more Payne’s real but witty script and some wonderful acting that made The Same Deep Water As Me such a good play. Like everything I see at the Donmar, there are a heap of recognisable faces like Marc Wootton (Nativity 1 & 2, Arthur Christmas), Niky Wardley (Catherine Tate, Coronation Street), and I wracked my brain through the first half trying to place Nigel Lindsay before realizing – of course! Shrek! Daniel Mays is one of my favourite British TV actors, and although he always plays a similar role (good guy with a dark side!), I’d watch him in anything. Keep a look out for what’s on at the Donmar; the tickets are cheap, the theatre is small and intimate, and there are always great actors and plays to see there!

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