Tuesday 10 September 2013

Great Gatsby Fancy Dress

Would you believe it? I’ve been dressing up again!

On Saturday, to celebrate her 30th birthday, a friend of mine hosted a drinks party at Big Chill House. All guests were instructed to dress in accordance with a 1920s/Great Gatsby theme, her idea being that “30s are the new 20s”. Loving the book and films as I do, and not having taken on a 20s theme before, I was very excited!

Just like our 1940s and Dirty Dancing outfits, my boyfriend and I wanted to dress ourselves in our own clothes. Certainly with a theme like this, buying a fancy dress costume means you run the risk of spending a fortune, not looking authentic and ending up with an outfit that doesn’t suit of fit you.

A flapper-styled, straight-waisted dress would have been perfect, but as I find this cut doesn’t look that great on me, I decided to wear my Anthropologie jumpsuit, with palazzo legs, little capped sleeves and made of silky fabric covered in stars. I hung my cardigan around my shoulders, tied my hair in a low, loose bun and teamed the outfit with sparkly jelly Mary Janes, designed by Vivienne Westwood for her Melissa range (yes, I know, jelly shoes weren’t ideal, but it was the best I could do!).

As per usual, my boyfriend looked incredible. This was the first, long-awaited outing for a Dunhill jacket (striped in purple and green) that my grandfather gave him a few years ago. In pale trousers, brown brogues, slicked back hair and colourful bowtie, he was again stopped by strangers in the street and told how good he looked (“Man, you’ve got swag!”).  Here we are below :

Everyone made an effort at the party, and all looked fabulous; flappers, pearls and flat caps all around! A Great Gatsby theme, and a Great Gatsby night ;)

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