Monday 30 September 2013

Tattershall Castle, Victoria Embankment

Last night I met up with some friends for a drink in a pub. But this wasn’t any old pub - this had arguably the best view you can find anywhere in London… because it’s floating at Victoria Embankment!

I hadn’t been to The Tattershall Castle before, despite it being moored just across the river from where I am now working. It was very easy to find, and when we got there – wow! Sitting in what was essentially an open-air beer garden, we were opposite the London Eye and down the river from the Houses of Parliament. Could it get any better? When you check the time by looking up at Big Ben, that’s when you know it’s pretty special.

In the past couple of years I’ve had experience of trying to hire boats for parties, and the fees are usually extortionate, not to mention the prices of food and drink once you’re on board. But who needs them when you’ve got places like this? Though we didn’t enquire further, Tattershall Castle is available to hire, and there’s also a nightclub in the lower deck. The drinks were priced as you would expect and, ok, it doesn’t go anywhere, but when you’re drinking and having a good time, that’s probably just as well (the odd rocking does catch you by surprise though when you’ve enjoyed a G&T or two!).

We raised a glass to our friends leaving London with a postcard backdrop behind us. Tattershall Castle was a great find and one I look forward to returning to very soon.

This weekend presented a couple of new experiences as I also went on my first New Bus! My boyfriend shook his head as I Instagrammed the stairs, the signs and the funky new STOP buttons, but hey, I’m a self-proclaimed tourist-in-my-home-city, and I’m not ashamed ;)

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