Tuesday 8 October 2013

Flat Iron, Beak Street

On discovering a new website called The Nudge, my London restaurant to-try list has doubled! This is where I first heard of Chop Shop and where I found last night’s dinner venue, Flat Iron.

In need of a quick bite before the theatre (more on that later…), we ventured to Beak Street in Soho to try the restaurant that specializes in just one thing – you’ve guessed it – flat iron steak. For you steak connoisseurs, flat iron, or butler’s as we call it in the UK, is from the shoulder, cut against the grain which means it’s tougher, but tastes good.

There are no menus at Flat Iron, just a big sign on the wall, which has the steak (served with salad), and a choice of sides and sauces. The steak was, I thought, reasonable at £10, but as you’d expect, the extras were, well, extra.

Usually this is all they have on the menu, but last night we were also offered their special Flat Iron burger. Why special? Not only because it isn’t a regular option, but because it is first fried and then grilled to make it super juicy. I kept my fingers in my ears for that one, but a young man at the table had his lips smacking and his mind made up.

In a rush, as ever, we were pleased when our food came about five minutes after ordering. Forks and knives ready (I say knives, but actually you are given a small cleaver to eat your meal with!), we were all set to tuck in. I’ve had bigger and more tender steaks before, but I’d say that this flat iron was certainly up there in terms of flavour. You have the option of your steak being medium-rare or well-done, but in my opinion, if you pick the latter, you should really just be thrown out. The meat was beautifully pink, rich in taste, and laced with just the right amount of garlic and salt. I accompanied mine with a good helping of mustards and ‘Fred’s sauce’, a lovely spicy tomato concoction (“a bit like a Bloody Mary’ the waitress had said).

I had to try a bit of the burger, which really was delicious, served with shallots and bĂ©arnaise sauce, and the sides of salad and green beans were scrummy, as was that one chip that just happened to fall in my mouth…

On the walk to the theatre we must have said “hmm, that really was good” about eight times. I have to point out that I think we were lucky with our timing because, like most places in Soho, they don't take bookings and queues do start to form outside at peak times. Also take notice, you won’t be seated until all of your party is there. Don’t let that put you off trying though; Flat Iron is certainly one for the steak lover, just make sure to get there early.

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