Sunday 22 June 2014

Steak & Lobster, Covent Garden

Before I start, I have to hugely apologise for my lack of blogging over the past month...s. I can only put my absence down to being out having too much fun, so get ready for some serious bulk reviewing (God, set the bar at its highest why don't you, Lydia).

You've all heard of Burger and Lobster, and if you were swayed by my praises of it back in July, you may have even ventured there - but why stop at burgers? The luxurious shellfish can surely be teamed up with just about anything. Step in Covent Garden hot spot, Steak & Lobster.

Being one of London's fleeting summer nights, we opted for a table outside. Perfectly comfortable under the awning, with electric heaters installed for when it got chilly, chatting to passers-by and checking out the flash convertibles that drove past was highly entertaining. It wasn't until later, when nipping in to use the facilities, that I realised quite how big the restaurant was, and how glamorous. Sharing a building with the Bloomsbury Street Hotel, the lobby/ lounge bar was embellished by sparkling chandeliers and red leather banquettes (not to mention the rolled up towels by the sinks in the loos - a clear sign you're eating somewhere swanky).

We had a fantastic evening at Steak & Lobster, but there was a bit of a gulp when the bill came. £20 plus starters and £9.50 G&Ts does add up - but had it all been worth it? Yes... sort of. Either way, I'd still recommend a trip for a tasty experience, with an upmarket location and incredibly friendly waiting staff.

Although our tastebuds had been drawn in by the main event, we couldn't help noticing the delicious looking nibbles in the bar menu, so ordered three for the table; prawn and lobster cakes, steak bites with a dijonnaise and chicken frites with chorizo aioli (like posh nuggets, but we weren't complaining). Starters demolished and second G&Ts on the way, our huge platter of mains hit the table. The deal with S&L is for £20 you can choose between a 10oz ribeye steak, or a whole lobster (probably 1 1/4 lb, but it didn't state it) which comes with unlimited fries and salad - a highlight, in my opinion. My friend and I split the steak and lobster so as not to miss out. The steak was gorgeously rare, just how we'd ordered it, and the sides were deliciously more-ish, which was handy when refills were readily available. However, I may have mentioned before that where lobster is concerned, I'm in the fortunate position of being a regular at The Big Easy (in Chelsea and now Covent Garden too), and to me, they serve the best in town. That's not to say it wasn't tasty, but my lobster bar is set quite high. 

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