Monday 6 October 2014

Mad Men Themed Party

Want a suave and sophisticated party? Here is all you need to have a ball with your pals.

I LOVE Mad Men. The plot, the actors, the script, the outfits, the music, the d├ęcor, the cars... I just love it.

And then there was this dress. Made by Lindy Bop, it called to me from the rails at a vintage fair in Hastings. Modern made but based on a classic 1960s cut I needed to buy it. But then, of course, I needed a party to wear it to…

So the invitations to our Mad Men themed flat-warming party were sent out! When I have a party, I like to go all out, in the hope that my guest will have as much fun at it as I have had organizing it.

First of all, the outfits. I was pretty much sorted; all that was needed was a trip for to the hairdressers a few hours before my guests arrived to get my Betty curls in place, and an apron to really perfect the hostess look. My boyfriend simply updated his Great Gatsby outfit by swapping his white shirt for a navy polo and his bowtie for a pair of Aviators. Our guests looked great. The guys were sleek and gelled to perfection, and the gals wore pearls, petticoats and a good bit of eyeliner. Our best dressed mad man (prizes awarded) rocked a navy double-breasted jacket with matching handkerchief and tie, and our dressed best mad woman glittered in a gold strappy frock and heels. I was so pleased that everyone has made such an effort.

Decorating the flat wasn’t too difficult, as my walls are permanently decked with posters of New York and vintage car posters. As an extra little touch however, I did print character masks from the AMC Mad Men website. Great fun was had striking a pose with these!

To set the mood, I had Mad Men episodes playing on the TV and music blaring out of the speakers; after a rummage through my iTunes library I managed to compile a 9-hour playlist of appropriate tunes…

Now it wouldn’t be a 1960s party without a tipple and a nibble, and like a true housewife, I put on a full spread. We had devilled eggs, hot dogs and gherkins, Ritz crackers with Pete Campbell’s own onion dip recipe and of course, pretzels. The booze was flowing as my boyfriend prepared Watermelon Martinis and Moscow Mules in the kitchen, and the gin and tonic jellies and cherry liqueur chocolate brownies were gobbled up quick (and let's not forget the essential candy cigarettes...)

The drinks and tunes flowed into the early hours and a good time was had all round (and may I say, they all look faaabulous too). Don and Rog would’ve approved, I’m sure of it.

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