Thursday 29 August 2013

Cafe Pacifico

On Tuesday night I ate for the first time at Cafe Pacifico, an amazing Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden. Tucked away on Langley Street just off Long Acre, the venue was perfect for a fun celebratory night out, and a good catch up.

The night started with large pitchers of very strong margaritas and mojitos of all different flavours. Then we opened the menus and got down to some serious business. What a selection! The best thing about a large table (we were fifteen!) is that you can get a really good snoop at lots of other dishes. The most popular were the burritos but, for me, when I saw “Duck, scallop and tamarind fajitas”, I thought they were so peculiar that they had to be tried.

Mexico meets Japan, they were packed with sweet peppers, asparagus, broccoli and pak choi, all absolutely delicious with that sweet, sticky sauce. I also had a forkful of the ground beef chimichanga and the wonderful mango, jalapeƱo and brie quesadillas. The accompaniments were also to die for (you can buy their homemade guacamole to take away by the litre!) and my new favourite find was a very spicy red onion salsa that the waitress admitted was even too hot for her.

I couldn’t recommend Cafe Pacifico more, and a big thanks to my friends for introducing me to it. Word of warning though – you may walk in, but be prepared to roll back out!

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